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In the last days until the end of the eighth generation, Nintendo presents the masterpieces of the seventh generation. Join me and gamefa for a review of the Nintendo Switch version of Bioshock: The Collection.
The most important thing about bioshcok series is neither being philosophical nor extra explanations, It’s about travel. A journey that begins under the ocean and continues over the clouds and then falls again into the deepest pit in the world. From then on, the dialogue will give way to storytelling characters to shine. Nintendo Switch’s tasks for presenting this experience are now quite clear. Now the question is, how will the new Nintendo console bring the heroes of the seventh generation back to the field in the last days of the eighth generation?

Do you know what it is like to meet an missing friend?

The first thing to note is that although all three games in the series are grouped together, all three games are available separately in the Nintendo Store. You can buy each one separately for $ 20, while the collection version costs $ 50. The collection version includes BioShock 1 and 2, BioShock: Infinite and all downloadable content for them. After purchasing the collection version, all three games will be downloaded separately. Although some audiences believe that the overall price of the game could be lower than this, the opinion of 2K Games is completely different, and the game is finally offered at a total price of $ 50. In this paper, the aim is to examine the collection version according to the performance of all three games, and the final score is the result of the experience of each of these titles. Obviously, the problems mentioned in each of the games have affected the final score.
Let’s take a look at the story of BioShock 1: “Jack” sits on the plane and recounts the memories of the past days. Suddenly, a plane crashes right in the heart of the ocean, and all the occupants disappear into the depths of the dark sea, except for Jack, who is unlucky and helpless. Jack, however, knows how to swim and, despite the shock of the plane crash, finds himself in the solitary lighthouse of the ocean. The door opens, and suddenly Jack finds himself in another world without the magic beans. An underwater world that humans have never seen before. Where Andrew Ryan, in his speech to welcome, shows who the boss is. But fortunately or unfortunately, Andrew Ryan’s speeches in Rapture are not popular, and rebel forces are fighting against Andrew Ryan to win the city. Jack finds himself in the middle of a great commotion, and the great confusion that has been conveyed to him by his presence in the unknown space of Rapture prepares him to meet a man named Atlas. It is at this point that Jack’s story in Rapture is tied to the city’s weaves, and a dream of life begins in the darkest of stories.

Still after the wrench, plasmids and tonics are your best companions for the fight. Roasting Rapture Madmen is your only healthy pastime!

The first episode of “BioShock” was released in 2007 for seventh-generation consoles and personal computers. A title that was highly acclaimed in the same early shows. The 2006 E3 ceremony marked the happiest start for Bioshock, with the series being re-released under one name in the future. In 2016, BioShock Collection was released for eighth-generation consoles and PCs, and now an improved version of the game has been re-released, with the difference that Nintendo is the new host of the old guest. It’s a good idea to rely on a strong column of Bioshock’s unique features at the beginning of the review. The game’s animations have changed a bit. These minor changes, which are most evident in shootings and crowded fights, include improved gun behavior and changes in ammunition storage style. Although these changes are not seen with the naked eye, they are still worth mentioning. In other words, there is no special change in the gameplay. The gameplay is still based on the combination of weapons and tonics. The player must defeat the enemies by combining the special abilities that Jack acquires during the game. Combining tonics with shooting or hand-to-hand combat increases the options on the table for choosing a fighting style. The variety of weapons in the game is still very good, and from small and large to very famous weapons such as wrenches, each has its own mode and behavior. This variety is also seen in the tonic and gives Jack many different and very attractive abilities. The abilities gained by using plasmids create a strange variety in combat. For example, it is sometimes possible to eliminate large numbers of enemies by creating strong electricity in the water, instead, some may use the ability to move tools and equipment on the ground or even corpses. Bioshock has appeared not only in the field of narrative and characterization, but also in the field of gameplay. Many years after the release of the first version, the gameplay mechanics are still excellent and original, so there is nothing wrong with re-releasing these games.
BioShock is good at gameplay. Equally, the visual effects and textures are amazing. When you’re playing the first BioShock with Nintendo Switch, you can hardly think of other platforms. The differences are very small and the fans were worried about the quality of the game. But now the game has become one of the best Nintendo Switch games. The view of the water and the collision of objects with each other is very natural. Of course, in some parts, the game environment becomes so dark that it makes the game experience difficult for the player. Sometimes during the experiment, you may often notice the presence of enemies that hit you in the blind darkness of Rapture, and due to the lack of light in that place, you can not recognize the exact position of the enemy. Sometimes, when crossing some dark passages, the player cannot recognize the right path. This problem is more common in BioShock 1 and 2 due to the game’s storyline, which takes place in a city under the ocean and naturally without light, and this is a strange problem in the game.
Sound quality still plays a special role in Bioshock. Hearing the screams of burnt dreams in the fire of greed and hatred of people in the dead darkness of Rapture is unrepeatable and terrifying. Sometimes, hearing the sound of a splicer causes a strange fear in the heart. What’s worse is when you don’t have a first aid kit or a plasmid in your hand and a strange cry comes from behind the bloody walls of Rapture. This is where you stand defenseless against an army of dead people. Many players recommend that you try BioShock with headphones. The sound quality of the game, which is also very high quality, may be unsuitable for small switch speakers. Following the technical discussion, we should mention the important issue of frame rate. The frame rate in the BioShock game is locked at 30 frames per second and performs well in crowded scenes; Except in some cases where the frame rate drops. An unlucky drop that sometimes really affects the flow of your presence in Rapture. Unfortunately, this has also led to a drop in resolution, and  developers needed to sacrificed the resolution sometimes in order to solve the frame rate problem and keep the frame rate constant. This problem is most noticeable on Cutscenes or when playing on a TV screen, and the resolution drop is sometimes very noticeable.

Have you ever put yourself in the shoes of your enemy and seen the world through his eyes?

The story of Bioshock 2 begins years after the first episode. Rapture has been destroyed, but its ruins still seem to be alive. But these few ruins have brought up bad people, and Sophia Lamb, with the help of some of her friends, has formed a new group and is trying to make Raptor shine again. Sophia Lamb’s efforts, however, are a little different from the thoughtful Andrew Ryan, and these differences are reflected in his bizarre and unbalanced ideas. The player takes on the role of a Big Daddy named Subject Delta. In a world where his little sister is somehow stolen from him and he has no choice but to reach it. Along the way, the player becomes acquainted with some of the characters in the first part and new characters that create a completely different atmosphere and motivation from the characters in the first part. By adding new enemies, new tools and weapons, and significant improvements to the gameplay, the game will have a different experience of being in Rapture. Rapture, now surrounded by ideas and thoughts far removed from its original architect. Bioshock 2 was a good and popular title in every way, which was well appreciated by critics and players.
Returning to the Nintendo Switch, all of these good features are back. The quality of the textures is as excellent as the first part. Gameplay is still new and fresh. The sound is still great and some minor issues have been fixed. Although the default mode of playing on the Nintendo Switch isn’t a big deal for the player, it’s a good idea to use Pro controllers to improve the gaming experience. BioShock 2, however, still reduces frame rate to run well on Nintendo Switch. The frame rate problem in BioShock 2 is stronger than before. Sometimes the image quality is drastically reduced to save the frame rate from the big hole in which it is stuck, and sometimes it returns to its normal, fixed state; This quality drop is more noticeable than ever on large screens. Of course, the BioShock 2 doesn’t suffer as much from the lack of light in the environment as the first part. The new model of environmental design in this game has made the lighting of the areas more useful than the first part, and this may sometimes help the player. In general, however, in the settings section, it is recommended to increase the screen brightness to prevent any possible problems. Battery consumption is acceptable due to the size of the games, but in any case, for outdoor play, battery consumption should be considered.

Heads or Tails?

The player travels from the ocean to the sky during his time among the people of the world of Biochak. The story of the game BioShock: Infinite depicts the story of Booker DeWitt looking for a girl named Elizabeth during an unknown journey. Astonished and depressed, he endures his sins with great difficulty, and he is one of the most depressed characters in the entire history of games. Booker follows only one girl, and the girl takes him to the unknown. He stares into the eyes of every citizen of Columbia, the city of happy people, looking for the strange girl in the story. Depression from being on the battlefield makes him an insensitive person who has to give up everything for debt. The silence of the lamb in the world of cold-blooded wolves and the man who fights between traitors and old and retired men of war to survive.
It seems that this game from the collection has a much better performance than the other games. Aside from the good features that come with the original version, the superb artistic design of the BioShock Infinity, in addition to the great gameplay of the game, are in line with other games in this collection. There is also the issue of frame drop in this game with less intensity, but it does not have much effect. The game tries to help the overall performance of the game by reducing the frame rate in areas where there is very little movement. In terms of texture quality, we see acceptable textures. But sometimes the details of textures are greatly diminished. In any case, the game’s artistic graphics show their high ability to surprise the audience. The beautiful Columbia of Bioshock is spectacular and you can’t miss it. Readers should know that a city with such descriptions is unrepeatable and came to your screen by the same person who had previously brought the Rapture to paper. The atmosphere and story of the first game of BioShock was so impressive that later a book called BioShock: Rapture was written by John Shirley about it. The infinite world of BioShock Infinity also deserves to be featured in other mediums. A world we have never seen before. The game performs better than the previous two games. The major problems in the previous two games are either non-existent or colorless. The lighting problem is no longer there due to Columbia’s special design, and other issues such as frame rate and variable resolution were much less seen in this section.
The BioShock series is one of the richest games in the history of video games. Characters who have never been seen before and a world full of real events while being virtual. The Nintendo Switch version of the BioShock series is also one of the best games on the console, which has proven itself well. Although the problem of frame rate and high darkness of the environment may affect the game experience, in addition to reducing the resolution, which is sometimes annoying. But these problems do not diminish the value of the game. The BioShock series is not only one of the best choices for players on the Nintendo Switch, but it still stands proudly at the forefront of winning video game honors.


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