A Diamond on the Crown of PlayStation | The Last Of Us Part II Review

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Through history, we’ve had amazing and exciting games, but titles like Bioshock, God of War or The Last of Us Stand in the front line of this industry as its best. These games improved the level of modern entertainment world and made people outside the game field respect video games and in many cases even stimulated their curiosity to step into this world. The world of games is so much deeper than even the movies and books you see and read.

In fact, such games are ambassadors of the gaming world to introduce this field to strangers who often  comment on games with Hatred. when you introduce titles like Bioshock or Last of Us To Them and throw them into the experience of these titles,They Will Reject  The Absurdness Of Video Games. these People Will thinks a little about how much emotion They’ve experienced in just a few hours from The Last of Us. Not every game can be such an ambassador because it is very difficult to understand a word, especially to a person who Close His Eyes And Just Follows The public talk and nonsensical judgments about games . A person who is so stupid as to think that a gamer can not worry about the state of his community and is probably “a cream that Lyes in a corner and just consumes.” This person should be injected with The Last of Us in any way you like, because there are only a handful of games that may or may not be able to push such a volume of stupidity and wake someone up.

It’s love and art, it makes you crazy.

Bioshock and God of War or The Last of Us Are masterpieces that years and years later we will tell the little ones that We Are Very Proud To Experience Them. This is considered a great honor for us because the more such games become known, the more their value becomes clear . Every industry, art and sport, and every field in general, has its own myths, whose names always appear at the top of the showcase of that field, because they always put the best in the showcase. The showcase of the video game industry and art has and will always have a safe and untouched place in the same one or the first two seats for The Last of Us. My Friends, The Last of Us is literally perfect, as I recently said about BioShock in Its critique. These are the perfect meanings of a game. These are the games that still value the single player and story section and keep it alive so that they do not get lost in the hustle and bustle of 200-person online shooters, These Games Remind Us The Origin Of Video Games Are Stories. Titles like The Last of Us keep the story alive and Define A New Way Of Games Narrative. These games can wet your eyes. Something that May no one in your real life can do, but you can’t help but cry when Sarah dies in Joel’s arms. It is the power of a media that can shape such a compelling narrative and story and make the world admire it. You know that one of these games, which is really one of the top games in all of history, The Last of Us: Part 2, has been released, and Naughty Dog has really proved that They Are The Sony’s royal crown in the gaming world.

Today and after experiencing this game, I want to talk to you about this title. The Last of Us: Part 2 is an action-adventure title with elements of Survival Horror from a third-person camera angle, based on far and close combat And Stealth Which Finally Released for the PlayStation 4 as a good ending in Eighth-generation. masterpiece exclusives have been released For PS4; And Like His Older Brothers in previous generations, This Console passed a generation full of masterpieces. let’s move on; we are going to review the new title Or I Should Better Say Another Masterpiece For Sony .The Last of Us: Part 2, which in the last 2-3 days, experienced it for about 10 hours so that I could master its different angles and talk to you about its different parts and open it completely without any spoilers. Of course, later in the video review of this game, when I finished the game completely, I will talk to you much more about it. Today, we will explore the unrivaled masterpiece, The Last of Us: Part 2 with you dear ones from different Parts. Rest assured that there is no spoiler at all and I will never tell you anything about the story. So if you are interested in getting more acquainted with this game or even strangely you have not yet decided whether to buy The Last of Us: Part 2 or not, I suggest you read the review of The Last of Us. : Part 2 Join me and the Gamefa news analytics website.

you know that the distance between the spaces of love and hate is the size of a string, and both are adjacent to a heart shelf

The internet is a bad thing man! Do you know why? Let me tell you a story of hatred and its consequences. Before the release of The Last of Us: Part 2, and especially because of some delays and sensitive issues for the community such as homosexuality, some haters, who were 90% of a certain class of gamers who did not reach The Last of Us: Part 2, and before They also tasted the bitter taste of The Last of Us history, they saw the opportunity very well and said, “That’s It, this time we have to do something to make this game fall”. Well my dears, The Last of Us: Part 2 was finally released a few days ago And Like We Anticipated All Of These Efforts Failed.

Naughty Dog’s geniuses with The Last of Us: Part 2 have made the story darker and harder

Do you know why? The meta of an Exclusive Game with a world of opposition and enemy, became 94 . In short, it was still Sony and Naughty Dog and PlayStation Which Were celebrating. the important thing was that Haters thought they knew a lot but did’nt Know Anything About The Game. When You Play TLOU Part II, That’s The Time You Find Out It’s Not Something To Be Ruined With Some Spoilers And Hatred.

The Last of Us: Part 2, actually has the most beautiful graphics of the eighth generation along with one or two other games, and is so eye-catching that every viewer, whether gamer or non-gamer, stares and nails.

From the beginning of history-making until today

The Last Of Us was released exclusively for the PlayStation 3 in 2013, which can be said to be exactly like  the second version of the series because we were at the end of the generation and The Last Of Us  was the last Exclusive of Sony in a generation

First of all, it is not bad to have an overview of the history of this series and to know how the name The Last Of Us became so Important And popular. The first game of The Last Of Us did not make as much noise as it does today before its release in the seventh generation , because it was  a new IP that no one is sure if it was a masterpiece or not, or even its success and failure.  we just all knew that this is a new ip from Naughty dog and was waiting for it(especially with the Amazing record of making Uncharted titles in the seventh generation, the second version of which was the game of the year) That’s why  it’s very, very difficult to make a sequel to a masterpiece and keep the second game at the same level as the first and even superior game, which we’ll talk about later in this article. In short, the first game of The Last Of Us was released exclusively for the PlayStation 3 in 2013, which can be said to be exactly like  the second version of the series because we were at the end of the generation and The Last Of Us  was the last Exclusive of Sony in a generation. After the amazing success of this title in the seventh generation, the creators decided a new and graphically remastered version of the game called The Last Of Us Remastered, which of course included the Left Behind expansion pack, for the PlayStation 4 console. This happened in 2014, and the title that had the most beautiful and eye-catching technical and artistic graphics in the seventh generation, saw even more improvements in terms of graphics.

I suggest you go for the Hard difficulty level for the first time and then to higher difficulty levels later. Because this way, playing for the first time, which is the best and most memorable, will give you the best experience.Sony and Naughy Dog knew that many users who have just moved to the PlayStation from other platforms in the eighth generation, and they  would like to be able to experience one of the greatest games in history, and that is why the title The Last Of Us Remastered has been released for the eighth generation. It was a pity that those who just Joined The Video Game’s World  Doesn’t taste one of the top  titles in the history of video games. Sony and Naughty Dog also wanted eighth-generation gamers to experience a masterpiece called The Last of Us. Even those who had played this game many times in the previous generation like us And We undoubtedly loved to Play the eighth generation version of this game with excellent improvements of this game on the PlayStation 4.  2 years ago, The Last of Us: Part 2 was finally introduced with Ellie Playing Guitar and a masterpiece music, and we realized that the second masterpiece was on its way, and this time It Can Be Even Better Than Bfefore. At first glance, it seemed that unlike the first game, which the main enemy Were  fungi Creatures and humans Were existed Besides Them, this time humans have multiplied  groups, and the number of fungi Creatures has increased. The whole point was that the game would be much, much more action-packed, bloody, and violent, which After Playing It, I Have To Say It Is Just Like That.

Stick to what matters to you, not that they want to make their game black or white.

Bitter, very bitter, black, very black, sad, very sad.

I want to tell you the true and pure feeling of the story of The Last of Us: Part 2 without any special spoilers, and I will tell you the Exact reality of the experience I had from this unique masterpiece in a few sentences so that you know What You Should Expect From It And What You Will Feel While You Play It.

The story of The Last of Us: Part 2 is so masterful and heavy and deep, and of course black and dark

When the chamber of love and emotion in the heart breaks and Wounds enter the shelves of the heart, the emotions flow, they must find space for themselves inside the heart, and now that the chamber holding the love emotion is broken,  The closest and most possible space, the chamber of hatred, flows; After all, you know that the distance between the spaces of love and hate is the size of a string, and both are adjacent to a heart shelf. Now all that beautiful love and feeling has slipped into the wrong area and into a chamber whose output has never been positive. A vessel that usually shelters broken love and feelings in their most innocent time, But This Refuge turns them into hatred; Hatred that will probably lead to revenge, especially if there is a reason For It.

The story of The Last of Us: Part 2 is so masterful and heavy and deep, and of course black and dark, that we have seen such a bitter but eloquent story in less media to date.The Last of Us: Part 2 game has only been released for 2 days, and by the way, one of the main parts of it is its masterpiece and heavy story, so rest assured that in this article, even a bit of the game story and events Won’t Be Spoiled  And We Just Talk About the nature of the characters and only the quality of the story and characterization and the overall narrative value of this title. In short, the story of The Last of Us: Part 2 is such an Amazing and of course black and dark Which Describing This Part Is’nt Easy. If I tell you that after a few hours, the story will be your first or second important motivation to play the title, that’s right, because it’s interesting that even if you don’t want to love the story and become attached to it, you will love it. and you will bear the heavy burden of the game’s grief. you will go along with the game’s characters and you will be emotionally dependent To them and you want to take care of little Ellie. you have. We see that the world we have in the second game has become much worse and dirtier. again the most dangerous creatures in this world are humans. Seeing the world of the second game, those who have experienced the first version once again Ask Themself about whether it would not have been better if we had Let Fireflies With the same low probability, To Create The Vaccine? Or that these crazy executioners did not deserve this And It Was better we kept Eli alive? Do not look for the answer. As we didn’t find at the end of the first game, you can’t tell which answer is right here. It’s the art of Naughty Dog’s storytelling that forces us to think About Every Little Details Of Their Stories.

In order to better understand the story of the second game, you need to know about the story of the first version and its main characters to Completely Percept and Feel The Last of Us: Part 2. Let me tell you very frankly that if you did not play the first version, it is better not to play the second version either, because you will make one of your biggest mistakes. You have to experience the first version to know who Joel and Ellie were and how different they are in the second version. otherwise in the second version you Will Be Confused And Won’t Enjoy The Story As You Should. so please do not play The Last of Us: Part 2 without experiencing the first game.

Now You Can Crawl!

for explaining the story of The Last of Us: Part 2, I will start with the character of Eli, who is the most important and the main character of the second game, and we will take a look at the past and Her character in the first game, and then move forward 5 years. Let’s move on to Ellie’s new story in The Last of Us: Part 2, which is one of the heaviest, darkest and scariest stories in history. In the first game, we saw that Eli (the main character of the second game) is an intelligent, wonderful, kind, cheerful and brave girl who still smiles and jokes in the most difficult conditions of life and the most tragic world possible for survival, and even When her companion is bedridden by illness and death, She carries a bow like a brave warrior, takes up arms, strikes the heart of the wild and deadly nature, and goes to the brink of death to save his companion. She was extremely wise and lovable and had never tasted life and happiness like Her peers in previous years. In the new world, She has always been involved with another case, which has made her times darker and darker, and She can never make a decision for herself, because She is always a prey and an opportunity for others. Because She is the only person who is resistant to the fungal disease and can be used to prepare a vaccine or medicine, so there are always some who seek her and some who want to protect her for specific purposes, which makes Her life has become a constant chase and She will never be completely safe.

Ellie is very different in the first and second Game. she grows up for 5 years and tastes love, and then she gets very scarred and learns every emotion with the worst kind of experience possible. In the second version, we see that Ellie is a girl who tends to Girls, which some thought was a new issue, but previously in the DLC of the first version, Left Behind, there were references to this personality trait of Ellie , which in the second game became one of the pillars of the game and happened to be a place of discussion  for this game.

The Last of Us: Part 2 is a game between free world titles and linear games.

Now let’s go to a few lines of the story of the whole series in the first and second games . In the first game, we took control of Joel, who at a time when the world has been wiped out by a fungal disease and humans have become horrible killers or zombie-like patients (the world we continue to see in the second game and  No matter how much worse it is,  still the most dangerous creatures in the world are humans), he happened to be accompanied by a teenage girl named Eli (the main character of the second game) who seemed to be the key to solving this terrible and resistant disease.  The events that took place during Their Journey and the relationship that was created between them, formed the basis of the game story and gave us one of the most emotional and beautiful story narrations we have ever seen in games. The story of the first game was one of the most beautiful, deep and unique stories in history, which was based on a very strong mutual friendship, which at that time and in that crazy world was a rare treasure. It was so valuable and beautiful that in the end we sacrificed the future of the world and the chance of a vaccine to preserve friendship. That is, when Joel realized that Ellie was so dear to him that he killed the whole world for her sake so that Ellie would survive and not lose Her like his daughter Sarah. Finally, he does the same thing, and now in the second version, we see that 5 years have passed since the events of the first game, and Joel now has a daughter again. We see that Ellie and Joel live in Tommy’s residence and Settlement in Jackson (Wyoming), but do past events Are Gone?

During this time, Eli became friends with another girl named Dina and entered into a romantic relationship with her. In the winter, when Joel and Tommy get lost while watching a swarm of fungal creatures disappear, Ellie and Dina set out to investigate. Joel and Tommy encounter a character named Abby, and they escape from a large herd of infected creatures. Abby introduces herself as a member of a community of survivors in Washington and the daughter of a Firefly surgeon. Yes, you guessed it, one of the same surgeons Joel killed when he tried to save Ellie in the first game. From now on, very important things happen that I should not explain to you , but just know that the story of this game, shakes your body And Hurt Your Heart. The story is black  dark  sad painful, but all this with the prefix of masterpiece. A sad masterpiece and a black masterpiece, a masterpiece that hurts your heart.

The story of this game shakes your body and makes your eyes wet.

Naughty Dog’s geniuses with The Last of Us: Part 2 have made the story itself, which Itslef was very dark in the first version, Now Is several degrees darker and harder, which is why many people could not digest this amount of blackness and sadness at all. The Story is much more serious, worse, and more annoying (especially for gamers) and more traumatic than before. The important thing is that this blackness is portrayed as a masterpiece and the Way Of Telling The story is So Sad that breaks Our Heart And Make Us Cry. The important thing is that They Succeed To Show Evil Trait Of Human that Make Us Think How Far Can Vulgarity Grow in  human beings. This game can not be digested by anyone. No one has the right to give high or low marks because of the black and white of the story, but you have to judge From the quality of the story and the open storytelling and characterization. The Story Will Wet Your Eyes And Make You Continue Till The End Enthusiastically. These are qualities, and the critic must judge based on them.

Gameplay Is Absolutely Perfect

In titles like The Last of Us: Part 2, Naught Dog tells a story like no other. The best story, and more importantly the best story you can imagine in a video game, is in The Last of Us: Part 2  Believe me, my dear friends, I can write a book about each of the characters and events and the story and each of the elements of The Last of Us: Part 2 . But I Won’t deprive you of the pleasure of facing these characters and getting to know them little by little along the way By Describing Them. It’s the magic of Naughty Dog that creates characters that are so real and deep and exciting that at every moment of the game and with every encounter you have with them, you recognize layers of their character , Some of them, like a completely real human being, completely hide their essence from you and try to deceive You. one of the most important reasons why The Last of Us: Part 2 is so Greatl is its compelling storyline, the inherent darkness of the Atmosphere, and most importantly its unique narrative, which is done in the most artistic way possible.

The Last of Us: Part 2 is a title that, apart from being high quality in all parts, is a masterpiece of storytelling and narration whenever its name is mentioned, and is associated with glory and grandeur in storytelling and characterization. In the relatively long hours that I have experienced this masterpiece and I thank God for it, I have to say that Naughty Dogg Has Burned My Heart with storytelling and their characters and relationships and showing the nature of different human beings and showing the ability of madness and crossing the boundaries of being Animals In Humans. How heavy and  beautiful Can Be A Game? . I won’t talk more about the story of the game, but know that It’s A Pure masterpiece. The story of The Last of Us: Part 2 Puts you in deep sorrow and I can easily say that you are sad in the game. But this grief is not painful, But Is the result of your complete immersion in the heart of the world and the game’s story And even if you don’t want to, you can’t Prevent It, and after a few hours you immerse yourself in the heart of the story and emotionally accompany the characters. both in the first game and in the second version, this series is a Place of extremely emotional scenes that bring tears to your eyes. Just in case you want to know how emotional and strong I mean, I’m talking about scenes like Sarah’s death in her father’s arms or a scene in a restaurant where Joel hugs and calms  Ellie. Undoubtedly, in The Last of Us: Part 2, tears and smiles will be with you in different parts of the game like the first game, and do not think that you can escape from getting emotional in this game.

Depending on your main choice to progress the gameplay, Tlou 2 will provide you with best tools to do it.

Start Of 9th generation by Druckman and friends!

The main game and the seventh generation of The Last of Us was a graphic masterpiece of its time and had the most beautiful visual effects of the seventh generation, and the remastered version of this game, although the remaster was originally a seventh generation game, but Had one of the most beautiful effects. It had eighth generation visuals and was even better than many good eighth generation games. Now it’s time for The Last of Us: Part 2, which actually has the most beautiful graphics of the eighth generation along with one or two other games, and is so eye-catching that every viewer, whether gamer or non-gamer, stares and Praise. Let’s take a look at the different visual aspects of The Last of Us: Part 2. It is very easy to say that making and developing graphics and visual effects of The Last of Us: Part 2 is an educational class for other manufacturers and designers in terms of technical graphics, optimization And polishing the game as well as designing areas and diversity in them.

The Last of Us: Part 2 is Great In both Aspects Of  technical  artistic Graphics.

The Last of Us: Part 2 is Great In both Aspects Of  technical  artistic Graphics.  Let’s go to the visual arts section first.   In terms of artistic design, the game is a very spectacular masterpiece with strange graphic details that will make any viewer admire. The design of the faces and the design of the game world in The Last of Us: Part 2 is amazing and has been created very realistically and with high details.  the details of the characters’ faces and facial expressions are really amazing and spectacular when talking and expressing different emotions. The various Areas and regions that we see in the world of The Last of Us: Part 2 are literally beautiful and, most importantly, designed in maximum variety so that your eyes will never be bothered by the repetition of regions. The Last of Us: Part 2 is full of Pretty Locations in which unique designs range from completely lush to snowy and so on.

after a few hours, the story will be your first or second important motivation to play the title.

in terms of technical aspects, The Last of Us: Part 2 performed excellently and wonderfully, and Every textures and even the very small graphic details of the game were carefully designed, and we see perfect lighting effects that are completely natural. Interestingly, with this Beautiful visual quality, the game is so smooth, and There Is No Problem Like  Drop Frame And Other Technical Problems In Any Kind Of PS4.  I wish the developers would delay their game and thus polish and optimize their game like TLOU Part 2. By other technical problems I mean things like Late textures loading and image Stutters and things like that,Like Previous Naughty Dog Games. In terms of “depth of vision”, the game is extremely beautiful and we see very beautiful and eye-catching scenery in the distance, which of course are only beautiful from afar, and in every corner of the game world, There Are all kinds of deadly human and non-human dangers that are thirsty for your life.

I should also mention that The Last of Us: Part 2 is a very stable and powerful title in terms of frame rate, and during my hours of experience with this game, I have not encountered any Inconsistence and no other technical problems at all. In general, considering all the different aspects of graphics in terms of technology and art, I have to say that The Last of Us: Part 2 is a purely visual masterpiece and we are witnessing one of the top few games created in history visually. Believe me, during the time I was playing, I just wanted to stop for a long time and watch the unique and wonderful scenes of the game.

Perfect as we expected

Exactly as it should be

In terms of gameplay, I have to say that The Last of Us: Part 2 really surprised me (even more than the story) and it is Absolutely A perfect game and a clear example of the word “no problem”. The Last of Us: Part 2 seems to have 2-3 complete games in the style of third-person shooter, stealth, and , and provides you with a variety of different elements to advance with any of these methods that you like. Creating a masterpiece sequence for one of the best games in history, which works even at the same level  is several times harder and harder, which is why The Success Of TLOU Part 2 Is Much More Admirable Than Previous One. Naughty Dog Has Acted exactly in such a way that the game has retained its old elements and foundationin , and on the other hand, a title with a new atmosphere  and mechanisms, To keep fans and critics happy.

The Last of Us: Part 2 is completely loyal to the roots of this series and the Gameplay Of The First Game, and it can be t in a way, all the things that we saw in the first game in the gameplay, are now completely improved . More Importantly, by adding a series of new items to the gameplay, along with improving the previous elements, they have created a title that is the most complete in terms of gameplay. It is the most content-packed title in its genre, and not only is it quite obvious and lovable to The Last of Us fans of the first game, but it also has so many new features that we can call it a completely different and much improved game than  the first version, these two items are so perfect in the game that The Last of Us: Part 2 instantly balances itself in terms of being loyal to the roots of the first game and becoming a whole new title. It doesn’t lose and it constantly moves on that narrow line, but it never deviates, which is a vital element, and I’d better say one of the main pillars of The Last of Us: Part 2 is what many of the second versions of the big series have tried to run but failed , but The Last of Us: Part 2 does just that at the highest level, and that makes a Huge difference Between  Last of Us: Part 2 with other titles and the second versions of different franchises.

The Last of Us: Part 2 is generally an action adventure with Horror elements that is followed from a third-person camera angle

The Last of Us: Part 2 is generally an action adventure with Horror elements that is followed from a third-person camera angle and based on your progress in the game, including close combat, remote combat with Weapons and Stealth. Also in this version, There Are Much More Exploring Elements than the first title. Now The Game’s World  is  much larger  and You must  explore This Dangeourous And Scary World With Different Kind Of Human And Inhuman Enemies To Find valuable resources, and whoever takes more of this risk, will definitely find and earn better rewardsTo . To gather resources and items needed to build the necessary equipment, You Will Experience real life conditions in such a world, and you have to Find Them one by one  with difficulty .You Need To Use And Upgrade Items You Craft  carefully, because it’s not like a regular shooter and action game where all of them are scattered around the game environment. It Is A World Which everyone has plundered everything they have seen and you have to find the resources you need with difficulty. So this factor, which is actually the management of resources and items needed for survival, has given tremendous depth to the gameplay and turned The Last of Us: Part 2 into a title where you really have to work and search for survival. And of course you have to save on using them as well.

Torn Apart

In terms of overall gameplay, we can say that The Last of Us: Part 2 is a game between Open  world titles and linear games, and this is undoubtedly for people like me who love and are fascinated byOpen world games. It considered a turning point  and after several hours of gaming experience, I can easily say that the pleasure of this version is not comparable to the first game at all If You Like RPG And Open World Games. This new expansion of the game’s world is just one parameter responsible for making the game more enjoyable for me, and more importantly, the development and placement of more role-playing elements in this version, which is the same as the game construction system that You will soon become familiar with it,  will be quite Enjoyable For you, and no matter how far you go, these enjoyable role-playing elements will be more and more important. In a word, I have to say that those who are interested in action-adventure titles with bold role-playing elements and an almost large world for sightseeing, will feel the full meaning of the pleasure of a unique masterpiece of this genre in their veins, in a form of a Last of Us.

The Last of Us: Part 2 is also a survival horror game, and due to the presence of fungus-infected  enemies, there are several different types of horns in the game (and in this version, they have become more diverse and scary), sometimes you experience horrible and stressful moments, and the moments of the game that you have to go through without any noise are really scary and terrifying.

Now there are guard dogs in the game who can smell Eli and chase her.

The great and strange thing about the gameplay of The Last of Us: Part 2 is that the game, depending on which way is the Main choice for You To Progress the gameplay, Will Justify You In Every Aspect. Do you want to play pure action and start a bloody,  and crazy Fight? The game provides you with all the tools you need much more than you need. Do you want to hide as much as possible? It Acts Like a Metal Gear Solid Or Any Other Stealth Games That Are Best Of This Genre. the Best point in the gameplay, at least in my opinion, is that the main pleasure of the game is  sometimes you go forward secretly and sometimes with action, and the combination of these makes the game much more attractive than the one-dimensional mode. And of course, it should be noted that there are mandatory moments in the game that you must advance in a special way.

You can use all kinds of features such as “Listen Mode” and weapons that you get during the game to change battle to your advantage

Now we come to one of the nice improvements In The gameplay of The Last of Us: Part 2  compared to the first version. The point that sometimes and only sometimes, was the only weakness of the first game of this series,  artificial intelligence or AI. Let me just say that now in The Last of Us: Part 2, we’re probably seeing the best artificial intelligence of this generation in a title where artificial intelligence is Much More Important Than Before . You don’t even see the slightest bit of a problem with the AI ​​of the characters and the enemies (they’re so great at fighting tactics against you and Seeing you ) and so are the game’s characters in Different Situation. The game’s various behaviors and situations are excellent and intelligent, and most importantly, they act realistically. Put the game on hard mode from the first time to see everything in the game almost completely.The game’s mechanisms are more advanced than the fir st version, and in addition to the larger world and much higher Exploring capability than the first game, you can now access higher points and harder areas with Eli, who is more agile than Joel. You can also enter the crawling system on the ground for stealth, which adds a lot of depth to the gameplay compared to the first game, especially since there are now guard dogs in the game who can smell Eli.  Like the first version, during most parts of the game An NPC is with you, which is actually one of the main pillars of the gameplay of this series.

In this version, you can upgrade your skills in an upgrade tree system by collecting various resources and items, which is really unique to me.

You can use all kinds of features such as “Listen Mode” and weapons that you get during the game (such as firearms or Bows and even so-called improvised weapons, which are devices that were not originally designed to be weapons, but You can use it as a weapon) to change battles in your favor and fight human enemies or fungal monsters (which have increased their variety in this game) and use the game’s superb cover system. The shooting system of the game is extremely enjoyable and realistic, and shooting with each and every weapon in the game is very enjoyable. You can also take advantage of close combat to defeat enemies.  Dina, like Eli in the first version, is a very good companion for you and will never annoyyannoy youhyou withawith Strange Actions and won’t interfere with your work. In the high difficulty levels of the game (which you have to experience if you want to know what the essence of this game is) the fights are much harder and subconsciously lead you to more stealth,b the slightest mistake is equal to death and of course this is what makes the game more attractive and real and evokes the feeling of being in a cruel and murderous world.

The Real Meaning Of Blood And Gore

I suggest you to go for Hard difficulty for the first time, Because it makes your Playthrough Delightful and memorable. In the game, you can upgrade your capabilities in a tree upgrade system by collecting various resources and items, which is really a unique theme for this game, which multiplies the depth of the game. This skill tree has 3 main branches, which include Survival, Crafting and Stealth. Survival increases the health line and listen mode range. The Crafting branch allows you to upgrade meele weapons and speed up your construction, with which you can make smoke bombs and trap mines. Finally, we have the Stealth branch, which increases your speed when you Prone, increases the speed of killing in a Stealthy way, and opens a muffler for Colt. After all, I have to say that the gameplay of The Last of Us: Part 2 is the perfect meaning of perfection, and not only small problems of the first game such as artificial intelligence have become the strength of the game, but also all the new things that hasthas been added made the gameplay Deeper. The combination of different gameplay Elements in The Last of Us: Part 2 has become so unique and attractive that it has created one of the best games in history, the experience of which is necessary for any gamer.

Sound and music, two powerful arms that put you more in the atmosphere.

Naughty Dog’s titles have always been at the highest possible level in terms of sound and music,  for example, if you look at the soundtracks of Uncharted and The Last of Us, you can see that they are actually the best in history. The Last of Us: Part 2 is no exception. The game’s characters are one of the best and most professional, and the game’s music is really Excellent from gustavo Santa Lala. we really didn’t need to worry about  Gustavo Santa Lala’s Musics anymore, even before the release. Why? Let’s start with the previous game. In the first game of The Last of Us, Master Santa lalaclala one of the most beautiful masterpieces in the history of the entertainment industry, which is still in the playlists.  this really damn music Will Calm Your Soul And Mind. When I heard the music of the second version while playing with Headset, I fell in love again and quickly realized that This is another masterpiece. you reallycreally think of another Saoundtrack or better soundtrack for The Last of Us: Part 2, for because it takes you into the game world and makes the game more black and sad. Interestingly, the difference between the first and second game is quite clear in the spirit of their music,  a soft music full of sadness and beauty has now become harsher and more edgy, but on the same basis Of The series.

I suggest you to go for Hard difficulty for the first time, Because it makes your Playthrough Delightful and memorable

It is exactly as if the sad and gentle music theme that We heard in the first game, Showed us  the formation of a beautiful relationship and love in an ugly world, now in the soundtrack of The Last of Us: Part 2 forms “harder and more hurtful” and it hurts the listener’s heart more than before. Let’s Speak about voice Section. From the sound of weapons in the game to the sounds of mushroom monsters and the  sounds in the environment, all of them reach your ears with excellent quality and allow you to enjoy the game. The voices of the game’s characters have been done in the best way, and each of the voice actors has shown the peak of their work in this dramatic masterpiece. In fact, there is not the slightest problem in the voice acting of any of the main and supporting characters, and the actors and voice actors have created this masterpiece. The Voice and gestures in The Last of Us: Part 2 are perfectly matched in time, and the face capture and facial expressions when speaking are combined with the characters’ powerful voice acting to form a perfect title. In fact, it is better to say actors instead of voice actors, because they have to play each face with different emotions.

Let’s go to the general conclusion. As I mentioned briefly in the gameplay section, apart from making a game like the first part of The Last of Us, which is a title with the highest possible quality, it is an extremely difficult task that only 2-3 game developers can handle, Building a masterpiece sequel that works even at the same level (even if it is better) is many times more difficult which is why this game deserve highest praises And is more admirable than the first title ? We have many examples like Gof of War Ascension and Deus Ex Mankind Divided, which were very similar to their previous Titles and were really amazing, but critics said why they are like the previous masterpieces! So creating a successful sequel is so hard.

game’s music is really Excellent from gustavo Santa Lala

if the creators Change the game completely in the new version and bring all the new elements and make a lot of changes in the game, the  critics say, “man, this game is no longer called The Last of Us: Part 2, and it’s not from this franchise.” ,  where did the roots go? !!  I said this just to Show how was  huge and difficult what Naughty dog did and how genius naughty Dog members are in making The Last of Us: Part 2 ”

I’m sure that when you experience this masterpiece, your adrenaline rushes to maximum, you say to yourself, “Man! if we were still an eighth generation, what would we have done so far?

In short, Sony once again presented us and PlayStation fans and enthusiasts a gift that has already entered the competition of game  of the year.


Finally, I’m sure that when you experience this masterpiece, your adrenaline rushes to maximum, you say to yourself, “Man! if we were still on eighth generation, what would we have done so far?” Were we in an intergenerational generation like the 7.5 generation that just passed the 8th generation? Or the eighth generation with the same number? The Last of Us: Part 2 can satisfy any type of gamers and Make you ready for next generation as best way as possible.


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