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For lovers of great role-playing games and anime, there are pure ingredients that are a shame not to use. An anthem that evokes the soul of a fictional story and takes the form of a detailed role-playing game. however, the name Sword Art Online is not unknown for anime fans. The new characters that come to life watching this product are remarkable and have their lovely story. Now, this world of details, which happens to be so beloved, has entered a format as big as a new video game. This new game has clear and obvious elements of role-playing, and for this reason, our discussion revolves more around whether the new game Sword Art Online has succeeded in creating a high-level role-playing game compared to its competitors, or everything is just based on some unwritten rules? The game’s publisher, Bandai Namco, has come a long way with Aquria Studios to address this question to the right point. The new game is explicitly taken from the novel and takes a major part of Kirito’s personal life, he is stuck in a virtual game called Sword Art Online. After entering this game, new players realize that there is no way out and the game and the developer say that the only way out of the strange world of this game is to fight the enemies on each floor of this place. Each floor is like a vast area. Now Kirito has no choice but to find a way to defeat the enemies with the help of some people he has met. Lovely characters who each have their background and shine in the atmosphere.

The story of the game deserves our attention, although sometimes it seems disappointing.

It all starts with the waking up of Kirito, the main character of the game. kirito wakes up in a world called Underworld, where the game tells the audience in a simple dialogue that he is not yet fully awake and does not know why he is here and what the story is about. This introduction connects us to the first part of the game. The first part lasts about 15 hours, which is a typical figure for a role-playing game. Since the story of the game is sincerely dependent on your anime adventures, it is not bad to watch at least the first chapters of the anime before the start of the game to get the job done and become more familiar with the world of Sword Art. However, as we see a new product, some new characters are introduced in the game and they have a lot of trouble (of course, of a good kind!). The game puts aside compliments from the beginning, and even those who were already familiar with the story of the series and have seen the book and the anime are invited to experience this title. The game has a lot to show for everyone, and watching the anime and reading all the books is not a good excuse to stay away from this game. New characters are defensible, have problems, and talk about their motivations, and this makes the player see great companions during his presence in the game world. Sword Art Online has been around for almost a decade as a video game series, but the game’s decision to tell its story has been the topic for the fans from the start. Although the game in the first part is faithful to the anime. after the first part, the game slowly and quietly goes its way. This helps both groups of players in this game to experience a much newer and better quality experience than the previous games in the series. The creators decided to keep both groups happy. Those who were already present in the world of the series through the anime and previous games, and those who intend to enter the series for the first time.
The game is full of unexpected and high-quality twists for both groups. The first part of the game can push the player into the world of Sword Art Online. This first step, which is taken with power, continues to maintain its ability well until you get introduced with the second part of the game, which has an obvious drop compared to the first part. Inserting a new story into the series in the second part was a risk taken by the developers and this bold decision is quite worthy of respect. The story twists in the second part use repetitive and weak formulas that no longer have the traction and power of the first part. there is another problem with novel-style cutscenes that take up a lot of your time. There is nothing wrong with having long cutscenes, but it shows the problem when you watch 10 or 15-minutes of a cutscene and no questions are asked or answered about the game’s story, which for many players is a lot of time and boring. The main character’s conversations with the other characters sometimes go wrong and sometimes take longer than patience. Add long loading screens between different episodes to see how the distance between narrative and gameplay in the game is large. It is also worth mentioning that the main language of the game is Japanese. However, at the same time, the voices of the characters have appeared to be very high quality and are always different and suitable for a game this year.

kirito’s friends have a strong background, are defensible, and fit well with the game. That is helpful, especially in the first part, which greatly helps the player to understand the game.

When it comes to role-playing games, the truth is that Sword Art Online: Alicization Lycoris has done a very good job of designing a proper combat system. The fights of the game are based on two parts, defense and attack, each one is deep enough and involves the player for a long time. There are two parts for each attack, the normal moves and special movements, and animations with high variety. the gameplay is deep and uses various elements that are very successful. The attack animations may have been a bit long, but they are gradually becoming a strength in all fights with strategy and planning. If the player is careful enough in choosing the type and time of the attack, he will undoubtedly take the upper hand in the fights. Some moves have a lot of power and are not defensible, some are faster and act differently in the amount of damage done. In defense, various moves must be selected at the right time, and according to the right method. You can only stand against attacks, you can direct attacks in a certain direction and then attack or You can take turns defending or fighting at the same time. In addition to all this, there are some special moves during the game that are very practical. Each character in the game has special moves that make him different, and because during the fights, not only your movements must be considered, but also the movements of your teammates, you need to pay special attention to the special moves of each character. After inflicting a certain amount of damage on a boss, a short time called Hazard arrives, when the boss is at his weakest, and at that time, with a combination of special moves and quick hits, you can deal the maximum amount of damage to a boss.
Special attacks are also very varied and depending on the player’s choice, some help to activate the weakness of the bosses, or some do the most damage to the enemies only at some special time. The interesting thing is that each weapon in the game is almost related to a tree of special skills that make each player’s experience very different. The variety of weapons in the game is so great that few people consider their needs beyond the content in the game. There are a total of nine different classes of weapons in the game, each with its style. Depending on their weapon model, players can experience a new level of personalization by activating various skill sections in the game that have not been achieved before. The skill tree in the game includes defense and attack sections. Sometimes side characters may not seem as useful as they should be, but since you have to watch out for them in fights, picking a plan for each movement of your companions becomes an important thing. Along with different types of hits, there are items called Sacred Arts in the game that are accessible through a fast and comprehensive menu during the fights. For example, some of them activate the ability to jump high or give healing ability to players to make different styles of play recognizable among players.

The variety of weapons in the game is great and players will never get tired of fighting.

Although parts of the game are present to freshen the air and sometimes for strange reasons, the latest game in the Sword Art Online series is a defensible title in terms of content. The game is not open world, but it has a wide environment that has resulted in a deep browsing experience in this version. Extensive game environments are full of surprises and useful items that players may encounter. Sometimes an angry boss comes in your way who is thirsty for your blood! There are random boxes in the game that contain different items. Some of them are very easy to get and others are waiting in difficult areas and passages. Sometimes you have to talk to some of the sculptures on the map to release valuable items. Sculptures play a huge role in the game map, such as vending machines, which are extremely useful during gameplay. Like some items that enhance the players’ fighting style and in some cases change it altogether. However, you should not ignore these statues, which are stations for players to rest and strengthen. Especially after a relatively long period from the beginning, the role of these boosting stations is becoming more and more prominent.  For example, some statues ask you to kill a certain number of enemies in exchange for freeing special items such as Sacred Arts or important skills from the skill tree.
The main missions are great, while the side missions of the game only offer some hunting for animals or collecting some items, although there are a few exceptions. The problem is that the location of these items and animals is often unknown and the player can hardly find them in the game environment. Upon entering each area, there are usually some residents and a village with major problems. Helping the people of any town or village is extremely rewarding. it must be said that sometimes I had the feeling that some areas of the game were modeled like each other without any possible changes. some unforgivable bugs made the gaming experience more difficult than before. For example, sometimes when I wanted to talk to a character to get a mission, the character suddenly jumped out of the game map and there was no way to continue the quest. The train of technical problems of the game does not end here and in the console versions, the Frame rate drop hurts the game badly. the game did not perform well technically.

There are very few preset videos in the game, and most dialogues occur through simple conversations.

But the multiplayer section, which becomes playable after the end of the first part, is a new window to build new experiences. After spending several hours for the first part, most players are fully acquainted with the mechanics of the game, and then, by entering the multiplayer section under the network, players can help each other. Four players can play at the same time. Of course, the overall capacity of the game maps is more than that, and sometimes during the game, you may notice more people in the game environment who are doing other activities, but the problem is that if you want to join your friends during a certain mission, you may never succeed. Because if you do not have some missions on your list, your efforts to join friends are practically useless. Aside from this problem, however, the multiplayer part of the game appears to be efficient, and fighting with friends and relatives improves the quality of the game experience.
The second part of the game is longer than the first part and includes many areas and levels. Personalizing the appearance of your character and creating an avatar will appear in the second part at the same time as the multiplayer section is released, which is very limited, and especially in the beginning when players have few tools and items, almost all characters are alike. Unfortunately, the second part of the game is full of repetitive and tedious side missions with some exceptions that keep the game more or less alive. Although we mentioned the problems of some features, the design and variety of features of the game are still one of its strengths. Creative design that challenges your swordsmanship every time. The second part of the game will take more than 40 hours, depending on the players. Now, if the player wants to do all the missions and additional content, the gameplay time will reach more than 80 hours. Even if the players complete the main stages, they are almost at level 40, at which point there are still buses with level 50 or higher on the map. In this case, the player’s adventures do not end after the storyline is completed.

Although the game does not claim to be an open world, the playing fields are vast and beautiful. Explore an important part of your experience and try to find new skills and important items.

While searching for items in Alicization Lycoris is important, there is a big problem with this title that may ruin the whole player’s exploration experience. The game’s automatic save system is outdated and very unusual for a game this year. The game automatically saves your performance, but only at the beginning of each section or after passing several missions. This means that if the main character dies during the exploring process, all your progress in the game will be lost. Auto-save in the game is completely useless.
Finally, this game is a great combination for anime lovers and fans of role-playing games. The variety of weapons in the game is very good and the game has a lot to offer. With a rich world and multiplayer section, the Underworld experience is lovely. Whether alone or with your friends, the experience of fighting creative and ingenious enemies is a new and respectable experience. Apart from some problems, this game is still one of the good games of this year in its own style and context, which is very sweet for fans of Sword Art Online anime and role-playing games.


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