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Mad Max Review Scores Roundup

Mad Max Review Scores Roundup

Mad Max, a game that spent years in the making, is finally out. Find out the critical response inside. Coming out the same day as one of the most anticipated games in history – Metal Gear Solid 5, is an enormous challenge for any game, especially when it’s a new IP. While Mad Max borrows from the iconic film series’ more than its name, it appears the game also borrows a few bits from other open world games.

The reviews are a bit on the low side so far, painting a picture of a game that can be exciting but will get tiresome pretty quickly. You’ll also notice that there are not a lot of reviews out. That’s because Warner Bros. didn’t send copies to many outlets, not to mention everyone is busy with The Phantom Pain.

Scores are out of ten unless otherwise noted.

Source: VG247


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