Sons of the Forest Will Have an AI Companion for Solo Players

News January 10, 2023, 3:46 pm

Sons of the Forest, the upcoming horror game sequel heading for Steam, is confirmed to have AI companions who will assist with your various survival demands.

Previously spotted in some of the Sons of the Forest’s early gameplay trailers, players can apparently make friends with a three-legged mutant nicknamed Virginia. However, Virginia’s allyship goes beyond just popping up as part of the game’s story, or acting somewhat more kindly than the enemy mutants.

Virginia is just one of the many AI companions that Sons of the Forest players will be able to utilise, and they come with a full system of orders and commands to help you amass resources and quickly build. At the start of each Sons of the Forest playthrough, players will be accompanied by Calvin, a soldier who, like the player, has survived the helicopter crash that traps them in the eponymous forest.

Sons of the Forest is in development for PC and is set to launch in February 2023.


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