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Exclusive Report: Sony is not willing to comment on PlayStation 4.5

Exclusive Report: Sony is not willing to comment on PlayStation 4.5

The gaming media and related sites have exploded over the past week about the rumors and reports surrounding the existence of PlayStation 4.5 (Also known as PlayStation4K). Now, Gamefa’s reporter had the chance to speak to one of Sony’s representatives in social media and ask him a few questions about the matter… as it turns out, Sony doesn’t want to talk about this controversy!

Mobin Ahmadi: Hi. Good day. I’m Mobin Ahmadi, a member of Gamefa’s team.

Sony’s support team: Hi I’m Kendaii from Sony’s support team. how can i help you today?

Mobin Ahmadi: Recently rumors spread about PlayStation 4.5. I wanted to ask you about this. Are the published rumors true?

Asking this question, Kendaii asked me my E-Mail and PSN ID. After that he answered:

Sony’s support team: Sir. Believe me that at this point in time we can’t share any information with you. Everything will be clear. Thank you for following the news. have a good day!

Mobin Ahmadi: Thank you very much Kendaii.

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