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E-gameshow will take place in Ankara at ATO Congresium

E-gameshow will take place in Ankara at ATO Congresium

E-gameshow will take place in Ankara at ATO Congresium between June 2-5, 2016. It is a leading event of Turkey with high demand of participation.

E-gameshow 2016 is a gathering of developers, publishers, training providers, professionals, amateurs, enthusiasts, animation companies, game developing associations etc. interested in the game industry. E-gameshow 2016 offers four days of contribution to the advancement of game industry through collaboration, sharing of best experiences and practices, networking, educational program. It’s a great place to meet fellow developers, learn new techniques and share what you’re working on. According to the age of the visitors exceptional programms full of conferences, panels, tournaments, competitions, workshops etc. will enable gamelovers their dreams to become true.

Turkey has 28 million of game players we consider that Iranian game developers and publishers might be interested in the Turkish game market and in e-gameshow, taking into account that 60% of game developers of Turkey are located in Ankara. You are welcome to e-gameshow





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