Are Xbox Exclusives Coming to Other Platforms?

Ahmad Bagheri
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In the past week, the world of Xbox and gaming in general experienced a lot of discussion and debate. Online forums, social media platforms and gaming communities were all speculating after the series of rumors released about the future of Xbox.

Rumors like certain Xbox exclusive games going on different platforms and about Xbox’s future in making gaming hardware, there’s been a lot of gossip. In this article, we dig into these rumors, giving a summary of the latest Xbox news over the past week.

Everything started with rumors suggesting that the prominent Xbox exclusive such as Starfield would be getting a PS5 port. Also the launch of a version of Bethesda’s upcoming Indiana Jones and the Great Circle on PS5, and plans to port last year’s Hi-Fi Rush to other consoles.

Xbox chief Phil Spencer responded on his X account to these rumors with the announcement of a business update event where more details about the future of Xbox will be shared. This even was shared on February 15 in the form of a podcast with the presence of Phil Spencer himself, Xbox president Sarah Bond and the head of Xbox studios Matt Booty.

What games are coming to other platforms?

Of course, the biggest news from all of this was the announcement of four Xbox Studios games coming to other platforms. The specific games and platforms were not named, they will probably come from the developers themselves. However, rumor has it that the four exclusive titles include Pentiment, Grounded, Sea of thieves and the highly acclaimed Hi-Fi Rush. According to Phil Spencer, they do not have such plans for games like Starfield and the new Indiana Jones game. He spoke more about the issue of exclusivity:

There’s really no fundamental change to how we think about exclusivity, I don’t think we should as an industry ever rule out a game going to any other platform. I do have a fundamental belief that over the next five or 10 years, games that are exclusive to one piece of hardware are going to be a smaller and smaller part of the game industry.

Despite the rumors, Xbox reassured that they are still investing in hardware with more news expected this holiday. it was announced during the podcast that there are a lot of investments going into developing the next-gen Xbox devices. Sarah Bond teased that it will represent the “largest technical leap” in a hardware generation. Of course, the specifics of this hardware news were not detailed in the podcast.

Game Pass is growing even bigger!

Xbox Game Pass subscription service now serves 34 million subscribers, a substantial growth from the 25 million reported two years ago. Despite rumors, it was confirmed that Xbox Game Pass will continue to be exclusive to Xbox consoles and PC platforms. The world’s biggest games will be available on Xbox as well as exclusive games on the first day of release

As for the games, coming to the service we can mention Far Cry 6, Remnant II, and SteamWorld. Diablo IV was also confirmed for Game Pass from march 28th. This will be the first game from the Activision Blizzard deal that will be making its way into this service.

There is also an upcoming Xbox Games Showcase in summer, which is scheduled to take place on June 11. This event is part of the Summer Game Fest, which will also include game reveals and news. So, look forward to more announcement and possible reveals soon.


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