Agents, tactics and tips for developing rank in Valorant

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Riot Games came up with a new format of e-sports shooter in order to displace the leadership of CS GO and at the same time offer their ideas for new players, so as not to create clones, but simply to offer a new concept that other players might like and become a full-fledged alternative for fans of dynamic shooter.

It was natural to take some ideas from CS GO, as an ideological inspiration and a format that has proven to be effective throughout the gaming industry.

So the attack and defense teams will come together in a confrontation, where there will be their own analogue of a bomb, which is called a spike, and the match will be played until one of the teams scores 13 victories and receives a Valorant boost.

By the way, from the point of view of economics and entertainment, this idea turned out to be more profitable; even in CS 2, Valve simply reduced their match limit by 3 rounds, making it equal to Valorant.


Valorant, like CS 2, uses a money system to purchase weapons and equipment, and they are earned for kills with different types of weapons, victories and defeats in rounds, and for placing a spike.

You can buy weapons of different types, armor and helmets, grenades and spheres to activate the special skills of the agents that you will select at the beginning of the match for your rank boost in Valorant.


Valorant has a variety of primary and secondary agents with varying values and capabilities.

At the beginning, it is recommended to try each of them in order to understand which agent is more enjoyable for you to play and boost your rank in Valorant.

Do not pay attention to the inability to use the main skills – you need to choose the optimal and useful agent for your team, and then constant practice will do its job.

Over time, you will still want to try them all, so don’t limit yourself.

All agents can be divided into several categories:

  • Attackers.
  • Protective.
  • Auxiliary.
  • Scouts.


Valorant is built on maps with a lot of corners and opportunities to hide behind them, so scout heroes like Sova will be great helpers for any team.

This is a hero who is armed with a bow and drones for reconnaissance.

The bow can be used for its intended purpose and simply attack enemies with a charged arrow, or release an energy arrow, which at the moment of impact will highlight all enemies around that are not behind obstacles.

You can both fly the drone and see the game map through its eyes, so you can simply follow the map and collect information until time runs out, or it is destroyed.

Remember that the hero himself will be vulnerable at this time, so take care of cover, or ask your teammates to cover you, but do not pay too much attention to this, because the situation on the map changes too dynamically for you to stand in one place for a long time and lose the initiative.


This is the ideal hero if you like to run alone and look for opportunities to make quick kills and get behind enemy lines, and at the same time collect intelligence data for your team.

Jett can dash forward, or even jump onto high objects and release smoke to quickly approach enemies, or vice versa, move away from them.

You can activate the ultimate and simply throw 5 knives with huge damage at enemies, but this is an ultimate ability that is unlocked by purchasing an orb, or a series of kills on your enemies.

This is a slightly selfless and selfish hero who rarely wants to play in a team, but in the right hands he will create complete chaos in the ranks of his opponents.


This is a full-fledged support that should be on every team, because she is not only a marksman with the ability to use grenades and other means, but also a support hero with healing, resurrection and slowing down opponents.

You will be able to lay down a line of ice that will work in a similar way to the Molotov, but will only slow down and stop opponents while moving quickly.

You will be able to install an ice wall that can block any passage, and enemies will either need to bypass it or spend resources on an assault.

It’s quite difficult to plan a silent attack if your enemies are making noise and breaking through cover, especially near one of the two spike locations.

The most important mechanics of Sage are the restoration of health to allies, which is available once per round, and resurrection, which already requires a purchase, or a series of kills of your enemies.


This is one of the best characters in Valorant, focused on attack and has the tools for any type of combat.

He has smokes and molotovs to hold off enemies, or lock him in a separate area.

He can set a buff where all allies will receive extra damage and fire rate.

He can choose a point on the map, which will deliver a strong blow from the air, which is accompanied by a scream and the enemies still have a chance to dodge it, but this will require simply miracles of reaction.

Rank Progression

Your rank is directly influenced by your teammates and their level of play and ability to work as a team, because even a first-class shooter will not always be able to beat the entire enemy team.

Train your shooting skills, a couple of your best agents, because they won’t always be free, and don’t forget about grenades and tactics.

If you feel that you have already outgrown your enemies and teammates, then simply order the Valorant Skycoach boost  and get an enhanced character.


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