Every GTA 6 Character That We Know So Far

Ahmad Bagheri
Articles May 29, 2024, 3:47 am

By Alireza Mohammadi

In this article, we will take a look at all the characters in GTA 6 that Rockstar Games has talked about so far and review everything we know about them.

Grand Theft Auto games have always had unbelievable characters, and Grand Theft Auto 6 is no exception. So far, we’ve had a very brief look at the characters awaiting introduction in Grand Theft Auto 6, and fans definitely seem to be a fan of what they’ve seen. So, let us go through into the complete list of characters that we know so far:

Below is a list of all the characters currently confirmed for Grand Theft Auto 6 and what we know about them. Please note that this article does not cover leaked characters. All the characters listed below have been officially showcased by Rockstar Games. But, if necessary, we will refer to them by their revealed names.


It seems that Lucia is the main protagonist of Grand Theft Auto 6, much like Michael, who was the first main character showcased for Grand Theft Auto 5. The star of the first trailer, Lucia, is the first female main character in the Grand Theft Auto series. She lives in Vice-Dale County in the state of Leonida. In the mid-2020s, she was serving her sentence for a crime that has not yet been specified.

When her social worker, Stefanie, asked her how she was coping behind bars, Lucia replied, “I guess unlucky.” It is also evident that she has a romantic relationship with Jason, another main character of Grand Theft Auto 6, and is shown robbing a convenience store with him.


Technically, the name of the male protagonist of Grand Theft Auto 6 has not been officially announced yet. However, leaked information regarding Lucia’s identity suggests that he will be named Jason. Although Jason does not garner much attention in the first trailer, it seems that his role will be as significant as Lucia’s. Either way, while the first trailer of Grand Theft Auto 5 only featured Michael, the game evenly divided its time among the three protagonists.

Jason only has one dialogue in the game’s reveal trailer, but he collaborated with Lucia during the convenience store heist. As for his personal motivations, we’ll have to wait and see. Some rumors suggest that Lucia and Jason are modeled after real-world criminals Bonnie and Clyde, whose relationship was highly romanticized.


There is little information available about Stefanie right now, except that she appears to be Lucia’s social worker at the Leonida Correctional Facility. It also seems that Stefanie speaks with Lucia prior to her release. Currently, as the first trailer indicates, we don’t know whether Lucia’s release from prison occurs at the beginning of the game or not.

However, we believe that the game starting with controls and gameplay tutorials in prison would be the best possible start for Grand Theft Auto 6. We will keep you updated with all the main and secondary characters to be introduced in the future, so stay tuned for more information. Unfortunately, it seems that the most iconic character of Vice City will not be returning in the upcoming game.


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    The release of the first trailer of the GTA 6 game was able to move the records. Although this trailer was leaked some time before its release, nevertheless, after the Rockstar company announced that they would watch the trailer through YouTube, the said trailer company was able to break the records and once again show the support of the fans for this Rockstar game.