Most Underrated Games (Part 2)

Articles May 18, 2024, 8:42 pm

By Mostafa Zahedi

There have been many games over the recent years that, despite having high quality, have not been well received by the audience and fans. Most of the time, this lack of reception has led to the temporary or complete death of that franchise or IP, which is extremely tragic.

In this series of articles, we are going to visit some of the forgotten titles and take a look at the possible reasons for the audience’s lack of reception. Before anything else, click on the title below to read the first part of the article:

Most Underrated Games (Part 1)

Quantum Break

Different works have been created in different mediums around the topic of time travel, and the world of video games has also hosted various works with this concept. The topic of time travel, despite its considerable appeal, requires a certain delicacy, and usually, many stories and narratives about time travel become clichéd and sometimes full of holes, and they cannot provide an engaging experience. However, it must be admitted that the game Quantum Break is definitely one of the best works related to Time Travel, not only in the world of video games but in all media mediums, which unfortunately never reached what it deserved and was severely neglected by the audience. Certainly, the exclusivity of this title for the not-so-popular platform of the time, Xbox One, is one of the most important reasons for the audience’s lack of reception from this title, but still, the weak reception of the audience from this title cannot be justified.

It is true that the short length of the game and some directorial problems in the game were evident, but the extremely engaging gameplay of the game, along with a story and narrative with high suspense, made Quantum Break a very entertaining title that unfortunately due to very low sales and weak audience reception, it is unlikely that we will ever see a title from this series again.

Tales From the Borderlands

Telltale games in the seventh and eighth generations created some of the best characterizations and stories in the entire generation. From the Walking Dead series to the acclaimed title The Wolf Among Us, we saw very artistic and creative works from this small studio. But undoubtedly, one of the best works of this studio was the game Tales from the Borderlands, which unfortunately is less known and is considered a severely underrated title. This game narrates a group of adventurers in the interval between the second and third events, and characters like Rhys, who are present in this game, later also play a role as secondary characters in Borderlands 3.

The combination of the game’s cel-shaded art style with the humor and jokes of the Borderlands world has made this game an extremely beautiful work that presents some of the most lovable and best characters in the gaming world to the audience. It’s a pity that this work was not welcomed as much as its quality and attractiveness, and we could not see the adventures of Fiona and Rhys again. If you have enjoyed other Telltale works, experience the Tales from the Borderlands game as soon as possible and get the most pleasure from playing these lovable characters.


It is true that the Dishonored series has always been praised by critics and is one of the biggest names among stealth games, but the lack of proper reception from the audience for the last two versions caused this series to go into hibernation for now, and there is no specific time for its return. Dishonored, from the very first version, brought the concept of freedom of action and genius in level design to the attention of other developers in an extraordinary way and became a complete classroom for similar works. The variety of available abilities, the complex and yet engaging structure of the levels along with the extraordinary atmosphere and space creation, easily place this series among the most successful works in its style.

But unfortunately, the audience and gamers did not welcome this franchise as they should and perhaps, and the sales statistics of the second version were much lower than the first version, and this lack of reception was the most important reason that Arkane will not work with this franchise for a long time. As one of the old fans of this series, I hope that one day we can see a new version of this extraordinary franchise and once again, experience the true meaning of freedom of action in progress. I hope that if one day we witness the return of this series, fans and audiences will give a warmer reception to this work and do not repeat the past mistake.

The Surge 2

The exceptional popularity of Soulslike games in recent decades has led both small and large developers to create and expand upon these games, trying their luck in this field. On one hand, this has resulted in quality titles like Nioh, while on the other hand, we’ve seen a vast number of mediocre and occasionally disappointing works that merely carried the name of a Soulslike game but fell short in terms of technical and structural aspects.

In the midst of this, it must be acknowledged that The Surge series, especially its second installment, intelligently combined new ideas with inspiration drawn from FromSoftware’s works. The result is a highly entertaining game for players. While The Surge cannot be described as exceptionally good, outstanding, or flawless, its numerous strengths and engaging combat have undoubtedly made The Surge 2 an acceptable title. The unique setting and structure of the game, alongside the variety of weapons, armor, limb dismemberment system, and creatively designed loot, all contribute to making this title very enjoyable. Personally, I believe that the reception The Surge 2 received did not truly reflect its quality, and despite its shortcomings, it successfully delivered as a hardcore game.


The vampire-themed game by Don’t Nod, set in a dark and eerie London, is one of the best and most captivating vampire-themed works in the history of video games. By intelligently incorporating role-playing and cohesive storytelling elements, it provides an amazing experience for players.

The twists and narrative intricacies, alongside engaging combat and exceptional freedom of action, easily elevate Vampyr to a special title of the eighth generation. While the game did have some issues and shortcomings in various areas, it succeeded so well in other aspects that these weaknesses didn’t overshadow its strengths.

According to the latest statistics, Vampyr sold nearly two million copies, which is impressive for a non-AAA title. When considering the quality and unique experience that this game offers, it becomes clear that Vampyr deserved even greater recognition and sales.

Batman: The Telltale Series

Another title on this list is once again dedicated to a work by Telltale Studio. The game Batman: The Telltale Series, which spans two seasons, narrates Bruce Wayne’s adventures in Gotham against various villains, from Lady Arkham to the Joker. Personally, I consider this game to be one of the most underrated video games in history, with a vast range of audiences not even aware of its existence! Despite being an adaptation of an incredibly popular and well-known hero.

The character development of some of the characters in this series will leave you speechless, and you will be amazed by their depth and subtlety. Not only are Bruce Wayne and Alfred superbly characterized, but the Joker, Catwoman, and other supporting characters are also exceptional. Certainly, Batman: The Telltale Series is one of the best Batman adaptations across all mediums. If you are interested in the Batman character on one hand and Telltale games on the other, do not hesitate even for a moment to experience this series.

Spec Ops: The Line

Another work that was greatly overlooked and underappreciated by audiences was the game Spec Ops: The Line, which offered an experience far beyond that of a typical third-person shooter. With its captivating story, astonishing plot twists, and enjoyable combat, it was a highly entertaining and high-quality piece that completely immersed the player.

Spec Ops: The Line should be regarded as one of the few works that performed successfully and with high quality in almost every aspect, without sacrificing one part for another. Despite this, the game was a relative commercial and financial failure, failing to meet sales and revenue expectations. This clearly shows that the audience and gamers did not give this work the attention and reception it deserved. Anyway, this does not diminish the value of the game. Even if you play it today, you will still enjoy it, and the ending will undoubtedly leave you in shock.


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