If Post-apocalyptic Game Worlds Were Real (Part 2)

Articles May 26, 2024, 8:00 pm

By Arman Zarmehr

In this article, we are going to take a look at a few more post-apocalyptic franchises that were not mentioned in the first part, but survival in these worlds would really be difficult.

In the first part of this article, we mentioned some huge and brutal post-apocalyptic worlds that if they were to exist in the real world, most likely many of us would not have the ability to survive in them. Nevertheless, there are many game that we did not get the chance to mention. Among these franchises and titles, there truly exist multiple aggressive dynamics that can make death appear more interesting than the struggle for survival, some others are so ruthless that I personally doubt any human could survive in a realistic scenario. Stay tuned.


Fallout depicts one of the most probable and realistic post-apocalyptic worlds that can easily be imagined in the real world. In 2077, Earth and all its countries witnessed the power and extensive destruction of a full-scale nuclear dispute, so much so that many of the Earth’s population either vanished in the initial hour or, if they survived, were forced to live in one of the toughest post-apocalyptic scenarios. Earth turned into a lifeless rock where its former inhabitants have taken on a completely different face, and this sentence exactly refers to every dimension of the human race.

In the wake of this widespread event, humans were forced to take refuge in underground shelters, and those who remained on the surface of the Earth were transformed into strange and terrifying creatures under the influence of nuclear radiation. But it was not only humans who were affected, as many other living creatures on Earth also mutated and turned into monsters.

The world that Fallout depicts is severely depressed, and life in it can be quite difficult. The presence of nuclear radiation can also pose a major challenge for everyday life, and the presence of multiple monsters will not make this process any easier; imagine one day you come out of your shelter and see a giant scorpion running towards you, even the thought of this issue makes my hair stand on end!

Resident Evil: Raccoon City

The Resident Evil franchise generally depicts dangers on a more limited scale, but throughout the history of the franchise, there has always been one setting and location that weighs heavily on my chest, and that is Raccoon City and an event that began on Thursday, September 29, 1998, and ultimately ended with a nuclear bomb and the eradication of every living and non-living creature in that city.

I remember when I first experienced RE3: Nemesis, I couldn’t take my eyes off the pre-rendered backgrounds of the game, and even to this day, I believe that work best depicted the real devastation of this event, and for this reason, those images of the city ruins and dead streets are forever etched in my mind.

If we want to measure logically, if one day an event similar in scale and detail to the RC incident happens in the real world, even in an armed state, the chance of survival will be very low because we are facing a scenario that is not just about moving dead. Zombies in this scenario, while they may appear weak in games, but in reality, they can easily surround you and ultimately enjoy the taste of your flesh. On the other hand, even if you succeed in distancing yourself from them due to their low speed.

I must remind you that the danger of Lickers is still present because they not only have a very high speed but are also extremely sensitive to sound, and this feature alone can make the work of survivors very difficult. In addition to Lickers, there are other dangers such as Hunters and also Tyrants T-00, it should be noted that Nemesis is also wandering the city streets but will not necessarily pose a danger to you because he is only looking for his defined people, i.e., S.T.A.R.S members, and as long as you do not become an obstacle in his path, you are safe, although it is still possible that in a more realistic scenario, Nemesis is not such an understood BOW!

In conclusion, it can be said that in a scenario like RC, there are many multiple factors that can even completely eliminate the chance of reaching a reliable safe place, and some of these dangers can easily absorb the bullets of weapons like a tank and rush towards you at speed, so it can almost certainly be said that the survival rate in this scenario will be very low.

Days Gone

The world of Days Gone certainly offers one of the toughest post-apocalyptic mechanisms for survival, because the factors that can take your life are so numerous and widespread that perhaps this scenario would quickly exterminate the human race at the very beginning of the outbreak. But here, for the sake of exploring different aspects of this world, we assume that we are some of the survivors of this scenario and have managed to survive from the beginning of the virus outbreak.

In this post-apocalyptic world, we face many deadly stimuli, the largest of which are infected humans, the most important of which are considered Freakers; these creatures have a very high speed and instinctively move in large groups (Horde), so if you encounter these creatures, running cannot delay your death that much, and even if you have a vehicle, there is still a high chance that they can reach you thanks to their high speed and stop the movement of the vehicle.

Of course, as I said, Freakers are one case of the types of infected humans in this game, including Screamers, Reachers, and Breakers, who can easily turn life into a difficult and heavy competition for survival for survivors. If these were not enough, we witness the presence of infected animals, including Ragers, which can be very deadly, there are also groups of surviving humans such as Rippers, who can easily torture and ultimately kill you, although this is an optimistic look at the actions they can perform!

DOOM Eternal

As I mentioned at the beginning of the article, among these works and the worlds they depict, there are some cases where the chance of survival is almost close to zero, and the DOOM Eternal scenario is exactly one of these cases.

Since we are generalizing these scenarios to reality in this article, it can be said that this work depicts a scenario in which the possibility of human survival is zero because there will be no Doom Guy to single-handedly bring down the army of hellish monsters. Even in this work, we saw that a very large part of the human race was killed and only a small resistance group remained, which of course we never saw.

From any angle you look at this apocalyptic world, you see destruction and death, and the reason is as clear as day; if for a moment we pay attention to the second part of this franchise, which incidentally was the direct inspiration for Doom Eternal, we see what an accurate description of the conditions of the Earth in this work is. “Hell on Earth” was the suffix of the second part of the series and I think Doom Eternal well displays the real weight of this suffix because you can easily understand the meaning of hell on earth.

In this apocalyptic world, survivors must grapple with numerous demonic monsters that, if we look at Doom Guy’s standards, even the weakest of them is a serious threat to an ordinary human. Also in this version, we officially see a titan like Icon of Sin whose height equals a skyscraper! Therefore, I think we can say with certainty that if one day the gates of hell open on Earth, you either have to pray that Doom Guy really exists or you have to accept death with open arms because there is no way to escape from the hell that the Earth is going to turn into.

Dead Space

If we take a look at the first moment of the beginning part of Dead Space to the end point of this franchise in the Awakened add-on of the third game, we will realize that the world of this franchise has nothing but pain and destruction, so much so that even the lifeless bodies of humans are not safe from its horrific events. Also, in my opinion, Dead Space is the only series that almost has no version in which its scenario offers better conditions for survival, so it doesn’t matter which version’s scenario becomes reality, in any case, nothing but death and destruction awaits humans.

First of all, let’s talk about the Marker, which is actually the source of all the events of this franchise; this element causes almost every human who is around it to suffer severe mental disorders and these mental events can even end in severe harm to others and themselves, so it can be said that even the process of turning into a monster in this series will be very painful and agonizing.

On the other hand, we have Necromorphs, which we think are some of the most destructive and terrifying creatures that the gaming industry has seen. These creatures can use human corpses for reproduction and this process is very fast, but this does not necessarily mean that humans who are still breathing are safe. If a person becomes infected, they must be killed quickly before the dead cells spread in their body. Engaging with these creatures will not be easy at all because these creatures are very resistant and even if body parts are cut off, they do not stop completely.

Also, we saw throughout the franchise that there are types of Necromorphs that can quickly regenerate a body part immediately after it is cut off, even if that part is their head! These characteristics cause sooner or later any living creature that is around these monsters to fall.

Among the three versions of this series, I personally never want to be in a scenario like the first part because at first, due to the loss of the ship that we enter to Ishimura, there will be no escape route and we are literally stuck in space. On the other hand, due to the structure and layout of Ishimura, Necromorphs can easily attack you from different paths and even completely block escape routes. Therefore, in my opinion, the first part of this series depicts a scenario in which any survivor will fall much faster than the other two versions.

Final Words

The apocalyptic scenarios we discussed today sometimes impose much harder conditions for survival on the survivors compared to the cases in the first part of this article, and some of them depict completely hopeless worlds that are not far from complete destruction. When we remove the rules of video games from many of these scenarios, we just realize how difficult and even impossible the conditions of survival for an ordinary human are!

Scenarios like Dead Space and Doom are almost the most impossible scenarios for survival because if Doom happens, probably during the first few hours of the start of the invasion, the majority of the Earth’s population will be killed and within a few days, almost no one will remain on this planet, Dead Space also depicts dangers that if the “health line” is removed and recovered from this scenario, it can be said that a Necromorph can easily kill several survivors in a short time.

In your opinion, in which of these scenarios are the conditions of survival in a realistic state difficult but possible and in which is it completely impossible?


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