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Exclusive Gamefa March 29, 2016, 2:50 pm

Have you ever paid attention to video game characters’ words? Undoubtedly many of gamers are interested in the script of their favorite games. Now it’s time to become familiar with the writing of these characters.

In this new item produced by the Iranian group called the White Winter, your prodigal video game characters will be interviewed.

Voice-overs: Mostafa Talebian & Iman Kamalzadeh

Writers: Arian Sorkhabi & Iman Kamalzadeh

Sound editing: Iman Kamalzadeh

you can read Arian Sorkhabi words about this project below:

In the name of God. My greetings to all the passionate Gamefa users. Today, we are honored to represent an all-new special item called The Character Show.  In this vocal project we  interview the best Game Characters in the history of video gaming. In a very near future, you will also see the film actors voiced-over by our most talented folk. Enjoy!

Download Character Show Part 1 (320 quality)

Download Character Show Part 1 (128 quality)


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