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Saeed Aghababaee
Articles، Reviews September 26, 2023, 6:30 am

Throughout all these years, and despite playing all the titles of Dark Souls, Bloodborne and the Soulslike games, I always hoped that the Demon’s Souls would be remake and once again i can experience that unique masterpiece with the quality of the new generation and newer gamers see what title made the young Miyazaki becomes the legendary game maker today. Fortunately, this is happened, and when the remake of Demon’s Souls was introduced, I wanted to shout for joy. This game was released some time ago as a PS5 launch title. In this article, we are going to take a look at Demon’s Souls Remake and see what changes we have seen in the remake version compared to the original game.

The story of Demon’s Souls is narrated completely indirectly and in an environmental way, and although the general basis and theme of the story is clear, in many cases, each person’s theories about the story of the game may be different. In fact, the process of environmental storytelling that we have always seen in Souls titles. started from this game. In this process, different game characters and talking to them is the main key to telling the story and understanding the events of the game world as much as possible. The storyline of Demon’s Souls Remake takes place in a land called Boletaria; Land of wizards, kings, knights and thieves. The demons are the rulers of the land, and there are only a limited number of skilled warriors who survive and fight for the souls of the dead. The main game of Demons Souls was Miyazaki’s first game in which he started the process of environmental storytelling and he answered very well because there are still a lot of different perceptions and different tandoors about the game’s story and a whole lot of interesting discussions.


During the game, you will meet several different characters, each of whom has a complex character with heavy dialogues that reveal truths from the game world to you, but in a special, mysterious and indirect way, just like the story itself. In general, it should be said that the story of the game is shaped in such a way that it leaves many branches of the story or even parts of the main body of the story to your personal perception, and it is your mind that can go in several different ways and theories. Create from the heart of this story and this world for yourself. When you start the game, everything may seem familiar and very straightforward. You see a general introduction to King Allant and the greed that makes all kinds of demons and their disease open to his country. The vast majority of the people of the country are dying and this land is sinking in darkness and fog. While the whole land is under the domination and invasion of demons and monsters, everyone is waiting for a hero to come and save this land. Many come and try, but either disappear or are killed, until a brave adventurer sets foot in this land. Do you know who this adventurer is?

BluePoint Games has already shown great prowess in remaking games, and with a title like Shadow de Colossus, it has proven to be a studio that has a lot to say. That’s why Sony, as an important launch title for the PlayStation 5 console, has given the Demon’s Souls remake to this manufacturer, and I have to say that this studio really worked great. Basically, in a remake game, the first and most important change in it is related to the graphics upgrade, and in fact, the game is rebuilt based on the original game, but with the quality of the world. In Demon’s Souls Remake, the whole game has been visually updated and all the animations have been updated, and incidentally, this animation has also affected the gameplay. Because one of the reasons for many deaths in the original version was due to the animations, but now the animations are very perfect and trimmed and polished, and this is one of the reasons that the difficulty of the game is slightly less than the original. Which, of course, is natural because they could not put the same old animations of the original game in this title.

In fact, to give an example, when I took control of the main character in this bye, I felt like Dark Souls 3 and Bloodborne, which means very fluent and good-natured. It is the same even in battles, and the improvement of the animations of hitting and dodging, etc., has made you have much more control over the fights. In general, from a visual point of view, I must say that Demon’s Souls Remake is a game that fully meets the criteria of a game of the end of the eighth generation and the beginning of the ninth generation, and you really enjoy its smooth and excellent experience on PlayStation 5. The creators have done a great job in designing and rebuilding the game’s unique environments and areas, and it is very enjoyable to see the dreadful game environments that we all remember with the latest world graphics and show that Miyazaki is a masterpiece from the very first game in the field of design. He created that this is also true of the artistic design of enemies and bosses, and these creatures look many times more terrifying and amazing with the reconstructed graphics, and the details in their design are not at all comparable to the original game.

There are no such things as drop frames and strange bugs in this game and the game is technically very, very optimized and has no technical problems that want to bother you. The quality of the textures is very high and it is completely in line with a good graphic game. The lighting is excellent and we see high quality lighting that makes the artistic designs of the game masterpiece many times more. It is true that the game still has a dark and scary environment, but compared to the main game, the environments are brighter and you can see better around, which is the result of using techniques such as Ray tracing. The game frame rate is quite stable and you will never see even small and cross-sectional drops in scenes with the highest effects, which we expect less from games due to the powerful PlayStation 5 hardware in the ninth generation. In general, I have to say that the creators have done a really great job in terms of visual reconstruction of the original game, and Demon’s Souls Remake, like the original game, is a masterpiece in terms of artistic design and a successful achievement in terms of technical graphics. Attention to detail in this version has gone much higher and the game world has become more effective. It sits on the ground and so the small details are completely visible. NPC animations are also much better, and when, for example, they fall to the ground and get up, they first try to maintain their balance and have a natural state, while in the original version, they were sometimes funny!

The most important and fundamental point about the gameplay is that the creators of Demon’s Souls Remake in Blue Point Games have completely succeeded in implementing the magic of the original gameplay and have actually done a good job when experiencing this game. Feel like you are playing a new generation game of Mr. Miyazaki. Personally, and in my opinion, this has been the most difficult challenge that the creators have faced, and to properly implement the feeling of Mr. Miyazaki’s games in battles and struggles, etc., is not the job of anyone and every creator, but Demon’s Souls Remake is exactly that. So we can say that Mr. Miyazaki’s new game has exactly the same magic in its gameplay. The difficulty of the game in this remake version is still very high and we are on the side of a very difficult game. Of course, many of the things that made the original version of the game difficult were related to technical graphics and character control, and some bugs that made the task many times harder for you, but now we are faced with a completely washed and polished game. It is true that it is still very difficult, but it no longer has the sometimes cowardly difficulty of the original version.

The character building part is different from the main game visually and the addition of details and more realistic faces from the ground to the sky. In Demon’s Souls Remake, you take control of a fully customizable character. First, you specify his name and appearance in any way you want, and then you have to select the class you want from the list of game classes, which are the main game classes. Your character class, how to upgrade him and the elements you choose to upgrade, the weapons you upgrade or buy, all have a complete effect on your stability and the way you fight, adding much more depth to the game’s struggles. be. They also greatly increase your enjoyment of the game and, more importantly, significantly increase the replay value of the game. Game classes cover any type and style of game you are interested in so that you can completely choose a class according to your taste and style of play. Each class has its advantages and disadvantages and its own set of armor and weapons, and different elements of his personality are different from other classes, for example, the fighter has more power, the knight has more endurance and the thief has more agility. And the wizard has more power of faith.

In Demon’s Souls Remake, your main place of residence and starting point is an area called Nexus. This area is a safe world and a connection point between other worlds, and ghosts and survivors stay there to travel to other parts of Boletaria through the various portals in the area. All game environments, from Valley of Defilement to the Tower of Latria, have a very sad and depressing atmosphere that is best used in the game, and this sad and dark atmosphere is enhanced by the game’s delicate and incredibly beautiful soundtrack. Finds. Although the play areas are very large and giant and not completely free, but each area is full of many details and contents such as dead humans, animal carcasses, ruined buildings, fire, endless wells, secret paths, dragons and demons. And of course, all kinds of deadly and ruthless enemies and monsters that are thirsty for your blood or better to say, for your soul. You start the stage from the starting point. You fight until you reach the boss fight. You beat the bass, opening another starting point for another area on the Nexus.

Although the main game itself is a sea of ​​weapons and armor and various items, the creators of the remake version have added a number of additional weapons, armor and equipment to this version to make the game a little newer and more diverse, which fortunately They are all carefully designed and like the other weapons in the game, none of them upset the balance of the gameplay. In Demon’s Souls Remake, you do not use spirits only to upgrade your character, but also to buy all kinds of weapons, health solutions, repair your armor and weapons, etc., from the same spirits that you get from killing enemies. Used and in fact the spirit in Demon’s Souls is everything and you have to manage it very well and be careful not to lose a lot of them suddenly. Demon’s Souls Remake combat system is at the highest possible level of balance and appeal, and is so well-tuned, tactical, and based on your accuracy and skill that you truly enjoy playing. Also, performing various activities in the game is best set on the Dual Sense controller, and you are completely comfortable with the game control.

The creators of the remake version have well balanced the gameplay, and we see the same balance of Mr. Miyazaki’s games in the remake version. In difficult battles and boss fights, Demon’s Souls Remake, rolling, dodging, defending, attacking, counterattacking, etc. are all vital to success, and you should know that playing even in the easiest fights gives you the wrong opportunity. It does not give much. The battles of the game are completely based on your abilities, accuracy and skills, and the fact that you think you can defeat the enemies by pressing the buttons, makes you unable to advance in the game even for a few minutes, and the simplest Your enemies will crush you. Demon’s Souls Remake actually makes you learn from death, and every time you are killed, it is as if an experience is added to you, and the next time you move forward with more care, which I think is the goal of the whole gameplay. .
Demon’s Souls Remake has a very high quality in ambient sounds and characters. The creators of the game have worked with great care on the old game sounds and updated the game sounds so that in terms of the roots of the sounds and ambient sounds, the remake version is completely faithful to the original game, and although the game quality It has a new generation of sound, but it is completely faithful to the original game in terms of sound. From the sound of gunfire to the roar of monsters and enemies, they are all perfectly in tune with the mood of the game, as well as the characters you talk to and hear in the game are excellent and with a very strange and mysterious feeling. They talk to you and inform you about the present and past events of this land. The music for the original version of the game was composed by Shunsuke Kida, and he happened to record a very positive and successful score in his career by composing this soundtrack. Now those music can be heard much better and more beautiful with the improvement of the game, and we are witnessing a unique title in this field. In the game’s music pieces, we see music that is perfectly in tune with the sad and dark atmosphere of the game, and for example, the deep theme that is played in the background of the Nexus area will always be in your memory and completely inspires a sense of loneliness and sadness.

After reviewing the different parts of the game, I must say that Demon’s Souls Remake is a flawless masterpiece, and the same two technical and animation flaws that were in the main game have now become the strength of this version, and in fact Demon’s Souls Remake is a kind of The game is perfect. Demon’s Souls Remake has the same addictive magic as the original title. Also the same high degree of difficulty along with excellent content quality. The game’s creators have updated the smoothness and tactics of the battles in Mr. Miyazaki’s titles in the Demons Souls. Playing in the best and most artistic way possible puts you in a dark and stressful world with a high degree of difficulty and challenges you, but as much as it is challenging and punishing, it is also rewarding. Rewards are fun and engaging that you can endure hardships eager to receive rewards. The making of Demon’s Souls Remake was a dream of many of us and we were really happy to hear about the making of this version. But our main happiness is now. Now that we see this reconstruction of a masterpiece itself has become a great masterpiece and has been able to fully preserve the value and originality of the original game. It was really hard work, but we already knew that BluePoint could do that, and fortunately this developer still did not disappoint us. Demon’s Souls Remake is a masterpiece that should be one of your first games in the ninth generation and one of the main reasons to buy PlayStation 5 for Souls friends. Do not miss this masterpiece at all, of course, if you like to be challenged.


The most important and valuable positive point is complete loyalty to the main game and the correct implementation of the feeling of the battles of the main game and Mr. Miyazaki games, despite the remake of all animations, which is not the work of any creator. Makes the title a worthy game for the beginning of the ninth generation, the addition of very small details to the game that the accuracy in which you really admire, new and excellent animations that make everything more real, game A masterpiece bridge that, despite a complete remake of all parts, is still exactly a game of Mr. Miyazaki and the lovers of the original version


This game does not suffer from any negative points in its kind, and if the only drawback of the main game was the animations and some graphics, now they have become the strength of the game.

Score: 10/10


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