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Someone has reached the ultimate level in Steam

Someone has reached the ultimate level in Steam

If you have enough time and money, you can do anything with your life, even if the thing is buying most of the games in Steam store and spending thousands of hours playing Video Games (although to be fair, this is the gaming media). The user has reached level 1000 in Steam for the first time, a plane even Valve can’t support with a sufficient tag.

You might not find this sort of activity (or do we dare call it obsession?) sensible but PalmDesert, a 35 year old Japanese has bought 5,029 games in Steam, 3,372 of which are Downloadable Contents. Being the first person ever to have this massive collection, PalmDesert has now one of the richest gaming profiles in the world. At the time of writing this report (Good gracious pockets!) PalmDesert’s level is 1,049 and his favorite game is Rocksmith 2014 in which he has poured 569 hours.

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